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Connection and trust beyond conflict & challenges


What supported the biggest shift for me in working with Mireille, is her companionship and patience. She offered a compassionate holding of the space, with a continuity of awareness, even if I lost my thread – Not only during the session, where she could hold an incredible amount and still reflect it back accurately, but also week to week, where she was able to hear, retain and offer back information I had shared. She was also skilled in making links and offering perspectives from different angles. I feel excited that she tried things out with me, often offering me a choice around which I would like to try. I experienced an energy of joy, a flow, a fluidity in the way Mireille guided me. Her energy and excitement to explore was infectious, and I experienced her channelling the direction, the flow, of the session to make it even more meaningful.

I value the sense of shared excitement we felt around her seeing the potential in me and helping me to explore it.

Amitaśūrī Yule | Scotland

Chaplain / Spirituality & Wellbeing practitioner

After the traumatic death of my mother, I received coaching from Mireille. Where corporate social work could not really contribute much (judgment of corporate social worker himself), Mireille coached me on existential themes.

Of all the coaches and therapists I’ve had in all my rehabilitation processes (stroke, triple back injury and the Ciran Route for the symptoms of Lyme Disease), Mireille’s coaching has been the most successful for me. Understanding, empathic, without judgment, reflective and above all with great respect for what can and may be discussed.

I can recommend Mireille for people who really want to go in depth with themselves in a safe, non judgement and respectful space. You will be successful for sure!

Thanks Mireille!

Mathilde Ponds | The Netherlands

Ambulant counselor mildly mentally disabled & mental health care

With her history as the Head of Design in a Slovenian Advertising Agency and thorough training in Nonviolent Communication, Mireille van Bremen stepped in for me as the ideal coach. By gentle guidance and giving me the space for my own process, our work in four sessions over a period of two months, supported me in making an important step in my career.

I appreciate her understanding of my work within the creative industry, while being able to hear me totally judgement-free. She guided me through a process with concrete steps and action-plans, far beyond standardized “business-coaching” models. This helped me, to follow through a change process and to set free resources, that I could not access enough before being coached by her.

Sonja Kilbertus | Switzerland

Film Producer & Empathy Trainer

“resolving your conflicts preserves your positive and empathic energy. that’s your most valuable asset to stay present in any situation.”


The four coaching sessions I had with Mireille helped me look at an aspect I felt tensed about. My hope was that my relation to that would change, as well as the way I felt about it. By giving it space and time in these sessions, the deep process empowered me to go deeper and explore more. My perception about all the aspects of my topic changed. Mireille applied Non-violent communication principles, a wonderful approach that we can all benefit from.

Thank you for your empathy and authenticity, Mireille!

Bianca Gainus | Romania

Visual Solutions Designer

Mireille has this meaningful combination of (artistic) creativity and a straightforward and honest yet intuitive ability to guide a person through obstacles to find and see new pathways of possibility. She is able to visualize the world in a clear, honest and open way.

Jacobien Vermande | The Netherlands

Trainer, Visual Facilitator, Illustrator

Through the series of coaching sessions with Mireille, I have gained new insights on aspects that I could never see because I was stuck in old patterns. Mireille has helped me clearly see and resolve these blind spots. I started realizing how it helps to respond differently and see the perspective of the other person in order to resolve/prevent problems and conflicts. I became aware of a pattern where I had unrealistic expectations and was filling in thoughts and feelings for the other person. Because of all this, I now experience more inner peace and am able to cope with situations that, before, were very hard for me.

Mireille’s analytical ability and the clear ways of explaining the bottlenecks, allowed me to see and understand what is happening in my relations to others. With her calm way of talking, Mireille made me feel comfortable sharing what is going on in my life.

Arlette Cundrič | Slovenia

Tour Organizer

I was wrestling with how to help my potential clients understand the value of my leadership program and then make a decision about whether to join. Many expressed interest but then did not commit to what I know would have been a valuable program. Mireille helped me understand what conversations I needed to have and how to have them – in my way, on my terms, rather than following a formula that would not feel authentic for me.

My conversations with potential clients have been different since we worked together – I have been less hesitant, more capable of showing the value and asking for a decision from interested potential clients. I anchor myself clearly in the beauty and value of what I am bringing into the world. I felt Mireille saw that, respected it and met me in my own uniqueness. Thank you!

Mark Nicolson | USA

Leadership Coach & Trainer

I can highly recommend Mireille. Having had the pleasure of some empathy sessions. She listens with a lot of presence and compassion. It really served me – how she listened helped me to self connect, becoming clearer about what was actually going on for me. Through her empathic presence, I was able to reach much more clarity on how to move forward.

Sarah Anderson | Ireland

Meridian and Energy Therapist

Love, live and parent beyond borders.

Experience HARMONY and connection in ALL your relationships.

in both countries and within ourself.

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