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My path

Back in 2006, I emigrated from the Netherlands to Slovenia. Along with fun and joy, I experienced excitement for the new things in my life and the choices I made. Yet, despite all these enjoyable emotions, my new job, home, relationships, and experiences, I also experienced loneliness, fear, disappointment, hopelessness and depression.  

Depressed and in anguish of my inner critics and in judgment of my choices, I sought help at the point I realised I had a choice: I could continue to suffer or bring the suffering to an end. I chose to end the status quo. I started regularly visiting a therapist, which helped me accept reality. A reality I had in fact created myself and as the experience of it was my own responsibility, so was the creation of the future. 

Because I wanted to understand myself better about what I wanted in needed, and learn to assertively respond to life and others, I booked an introductory training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Amsterdam and quickly started to understand that behind everything I do, is a motivation in me based on universal human needs. Everything I do to meet my needs is a strategy. Another thing I found out, was that for some needs I didn’t have strategies in place to fulfil them. As I didn’t really know before how to give myself empathy, I didn’t understand well what was going on for me and I also didn’t receive much empathy from others to the extent that would really nourish me.

I was in deficit of empathy

Intrigued by what I learned in Amsterdam, I participated in another NVC training back home in Slovenia two weeks later. Since then empathy has a major role in my life, relationships and work. As my journey with (international) NVC continued, my life started to change. Resolving one (inner) conflict, hardship or situation at a time.

  • I became an ex-partner to my son’s father. I learned to build a co-parenting relationship and cope with the emotions arising through missing out on being a witness to six years of my son’s childhood – time he spends with his dad.
  • I learned to grief for the missed opportunities to build relationships with relatives and friends back in the Netherlands. And I appreciate the many wonderful relationships with people from different parts of the world.
  • Though I loved my job as a design department leader, I consciously chose to listen to my heart and honour my soul mission. I opened a company again, because the ultimate creation of my path, is the one that includes the creation of my own professions and working out my own creative projects.

My hope

I like to live in a world where empathy, harmony and mutual care are leading values relate, belong and accompany each other. Environments that cultivate an ecology in which everyone’s needs matter and every individual is seen, heard and accepted, offer a space to create or co-create aligned strategies that wield the potential and resources present, in any given moment and place.

As a conflict coach and mediator, I feel delight in accompanying you in the creation of your own path in your business, project or in your life and relationships.

If you’d really know me, you’d know …

Mireille van Bremen

I am often aware of unspoken intentions and power dynamics because I am empathic and have a strong intuition. This makes it easy for me to put my finger on the sore spot and make the invisible, visible and name what is not being said.

Sometimes it is confronting for people that the clarity I provide, reveals something about their own impact and responsibility in a situation.


“Taking responsibility
for our actions,
feelings and needs,
is the first
step to leading
a purposeful life.”


As a graduate of, and later, an assistant in the BayNVC Leadership Program (with Roxy Manning, François Beausoleil and other NVC trainers), I feel empowered to bring NVC to new places.

Though I have, since 2012 participated in a large variety and number of other international NVC workshops, trainings, retreats, coaching programs and intensive courses, it is particularly the Mediate your Life program on conflict coaching and mediation (with John Kinyon) that enabled me to bring all my skills together in my life and work. I have a sense that everything is coming together and clearing the road ahead. Both in my work as a visual empathy trainer and a conflict coach and mediator.

Since 2012, I have participated in over 100 days of international trainings in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). Through his legacy and with the generosity of NVC trainers from all over the world, I have learned about empathic listening,

honest expression, conflict resolution, constructive collaboration, (self-)connection, (self-) leadership, healing, consciousness and being present in the moment with myself or others.


“The main key to creating connections and building new an maintaining existing relationships close home or miles away, is empathy”



“I am deeply intrigued by the awakening to one’s essence and how power
in our potential,
enforced with those
of others, may be
wielded to co-create
aN empathic and harmonious world.”


For the past 20 years I see myself developing from a visual artist to a social artist. Through my graphic recordings, visual summaries, paintings, writings, illustrations, graphic designs, art and creative direction, I visually reflect on life and on how I and we all together design our society. Consciously or not.

Graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam (NL) with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication and another one in Fine Arts, and over twenty years of experience in the field of visual communication, design and marketing, I aspire to employ my knowledge and experience for co-creating an empathic and harmonious world.

Part of that work includes offering visual empathy training to trainers in learning organizations and training & development departments. My courses help increase the relevance and efficacy of training programs, workshops and meetings.

Visit the website for more about my visual empathy courses at The Visual Mediator.

Empathic lifestyle


I am a Dutch national with Asian roots and live in Slovenia for 15 years. I am a mom and co-parent of a teenage son who lives with me every other week. 


I thrive about complexity such as complex situations and conflict, but I also enjoy creating simple and clear visual summaries of concepts and complex information.


I have a strong need for visual harmony and am a color freak. Besides daily meditation, I also paint as a meditation practice and sell my artwork

Visual Empathy

As a visual empathy trainer I help trainers and coaches in courses to increase the relevance and efficacy of their Empathic or Nonviolent Communication training programs.

Vegan cooking

The kitchen is the most magical room in our home, where I daily cook vegan meals. I post about it at The Empathic Concern.

Home grown

Preferably I create my own improvisations with home grown veggies.


Nature is my daily go-to place for self-connection, mountain biking, hiking and silent solitude.

Fun fact

Depending on the culture or religion, my name Mireille means ‘to look’, ‘to admire’, ‘peace’ and ‘miracle’. 

More details

  • Bachelor in Arts (Illustration) of the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art, Rotterdam, NL
  • Bachelor in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) of the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art, Rotterdam, NL
  • Over 100 days of training in Nonviolent Communication (with CNVC)
  • 3 years BayNVC Leadership Year Program (participant & assistant)
  • Mediate your Life NVC based training in Conflict Coaching & Mediation with John Kinyon
  • Training in Empathic Coaching
  • Training in Conflict Resolution
  • Training in Empathic Listening
  • Training in Participatory Leadership
  • Training in the Art of Hosting
  • Training in Awakening Coaching Basics
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA Practitioner
  • Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Training in (online) marketing & course design
  • Conflict Resolution, Coaching & Mediation
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Empathic listening & Empathy skills
  • Leadership
  • Design & facilitate trainings, conversations, meetings, workshops, …
  • Visually capture the essence of a story, conflict, idea or plan with striking clarity
  • Visualise the bigger picture of ideas, concepts, models, processes, visions, plans, etc.
  • Generate new value & tons of ideas
  • Verbally and visually reduce complexity to what truly matters
  • Make the invisible visible & tangible
  • Graphic Recording & Visual Translation
  • Art direction, Graphic design, Illustration
  • (Online) Marketing & Business
  • Conflict coach & Mediator at The Empathic Mediator since 2022
  • Visual Empathy Trainer & Coach, Graphic Recorder, Illustrator at The Visual Catalyst since 2015
  • 9 years Head of Design & Art Director in an internationally operating advertising agency in Slovenia
  • 5 years owner of Studio LiEF – graphic design & illustration studio based in The Netherlands
  • Trained hundreds of trainers, coaches, facilitators, leaders, designers, project managers, lecturers and teachers in developing their visual empathy skills
  • Supported many entrepreneurs in being more impactful with their marketing & communications
  • Created countless graphic recordings, visual summaries and other visual representations & illustrations

Love, life and parent beyond borders.

Experience HARMONY and connection in ALL your relationships.

in both countries and within yourself.

(in English or Dutch)

Because your needs matter. 

Find out more about all the products, services and courses I offer ...

Visual empathy training, coaching and visual tools for learning organizations and training & development departments - to expand visual communication skills and toolboxes.

Empathic coaching, conflict resolution, and mediation for cross-border couples, parents, families & families of former times - to love, live & parent beyond borders. 

Plant-based, organic cooking inspiration for anyone with empathy for animals, the environment and with a preference to eat homemade food cooked from scratch.

The Empathic Mediator

Mireille Annette van Bremen s.p.
VAT ID: SI10975748


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